You awaken late at night, you're safe at home but something is wrong
Explore Trevor's house and uncover a dark secret tormenting him. Coming back is a short retro horror game developed by Ben Leggett.

Arrow keys to move and Z to interact 

Game Design, Artwork and Programming by Ben Leggett

Audio Credits
Menu select sound by DrMrSir on

creepy 8 bit song test by OswaldLunaire on Youtube

Creepy bell music by Magmi.Soundtracks on

door close 2 by THE_bizniss on

Accidental Noise, Zoom H6 by InspectorJ on

Door Locked by BenjaminNelan on

Rain, Moderate, B by InspectorJ on

Old Metalic Door Locked by EminYILDIRIM on

89006_Glitch4.wav by hello_flowers on

89008_Glitch6 by hello_flowers on

Single gunshot 3 by morganpurkis on